DLG1724 I get profession career advice from Rahti Gorfien, a well-respected creative coach,

Jun 27, 2017, 10:55 PM

In this session Rahti shows off her skills by talking with me about some of my creative obstacles—like my crappy self-image. We talk how we can all manage our phone in this time-crunched era. Loads of tips too—like how if you change one thing in your life that's bugging you, a lot of other stuff can fall in place. Plus, she's a whole lot less judgmental than I am! So was grateful for all this advice and analysis-still chewing on it! YOU CAN ALSO GET CAREER COACHING from rahti@creativecallingcoaching.com #RahtiGorfien #creativecoach #psychology #psychotherapy #art #creativity #passion #direction http://creativecallingcoaching.com/