"Under No Conditions"

Dec 29, 2011, 05:28 PM

(song sneak peek- first 3 min.)

“Under No Conditions” -Cooptown

I hate these labels here to stay, Actions of kindness aint getting’ played, Spiritual wealth, Bill Gates I’m getting’ paid, Open the gates, I’m here to stay ‘till we all get paid, This aint the past I want to fade, Tomorrow’s another day, Excuse me for actin’ so blunt, But that’s all they’ve been smokin’ and they say it’s pretty fun, And you wonder why you get shunned, Livin’ life here like there aint another to be begun, I couldn’t have let go of my son, Ask for forgiveness and go have more fun, Hypocrites are life’s puns, I prefer heaven over hell for lunch, But you can’t make up your mind so your having brunch, It’s a question who’s leadin’ ‘em, A two way break and you’re drivin’ on the median, I don’t know what others see in ‘em, Try ta tell ‘em to try to believe in him, Barely hangin’ on the brim, Feelin’ like they’re judged tryin’ to hide all their sin, But not once did they give thanks for their din, Nor come to him, This aint the end, Funny how life goes to hell and we don’t acknowledge his existence, Life throws us troubles and we show our resistance, Keep it long distance, Write a hit list, Just ta kick this, Snitches, All about riches, Sin outweighing happiness long as a Christmas wish list, And ya diss this? Don’t get arrogance confuse with pride, ‘Cause I’m just happy to be alive, Well most of the time, The dark is the only place where a light can shine, Guess I’m fine in my mind, Just hope it’s him ya find, Open your eyes, Healed the blind, See the signs, Embrace the binds, Life is about more than the hustle and the grind, And that’s when you’ll really shine even in the sunlight, Living for the son’s life, Dishing in the blessings and dishing out the school strife, Screw peer pressure and ta hell with the Budlight alright, Psych, Let me guess, you’re too cool for that right?, Solvin’ all your problems when you’re lookin’ for a fight, Feelin’ reality’s bite, Cat stuck in a tree yet still can’t find the kite, Semi-automatic and ya got me in your site, You know that I’m back in this, Wait no man I’ve been in this, You act like I’m the bad guy when you know I’m the protagonist, So why should I be actin’ pissed?, Takin’ cuts off the wrist, Put you at the top of my prayer list ‘cause this world is too full of antagonists, Keep the swag in this, Never lack in this, Borderline pacifist, It’s why I’m rappin’ this, I’m as good as it gets, it’s a party up here, When Jesus takes the wheel it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t steer, The smart ones are the ones who fear, God knows what’s at stake, He’ll be your shofar but it’s yer job to push the gas or the break, I hate when Christians are fake, Feel the burn from my words set the oven to bake, Conversion’s neva too late, Life is like trollin’, everyone goes for the bait, But why eat the worms when you can go for the cake?, Lets get some ok it’s a date, The future is bright already know our fate, Heart shinin’ like slate so don’t hate, You can knock me down, But I’m a rag doll my king wears a thorn crown, First ya lost then yer found, Lookin’ up so much I forgot there was a ground, God at yer service just press pound, But he’s not just to use, You gotta trust he’s the one who’s gonna see ya through, Unfortunately a few, Be the p hat don’t conform to the mew, That’s your que, Get with God a strong relation, Keep that number small like a standard deviation, Because when you strive too far you forget the mean, ‘Cause a follower of your word is what I’m supposed to be, It’s a celebration in this nation, Christmas should be called Christ-X if ya want an abbreviation, What happened to my homies? They said to ‘face it’, Face what?, It was a lie in your youth?, Feel free to untie ‘em but I’m staying in my own shoes cause I don’t wanna lose, I’m driving manual you put your life on cruise?, Don’t wanna pay your do’s?, Bu...