Epistemology of design in India with Anirudha Joshi

May 04, 2017, 12:00 AM

We can clearly see a big gap between the syllabus and what actually is required when you become a professional designer. 1. Why do you think it exists? 2. How do you think it we can reduce this gap? 3. By when do you think this gap will be reduced?

India has very different kind of culture and lot of multiplicity - Is it fair to borrow minimalism concepts from western or oriental schools of design? How effective has been it so far?

What is wrong with the industry? As per my knowledge, there are hundreds of projects which were conceived about 10 years back and seeing the light today. How do we continue to stay ahead of the curve and leverage this upcoming talent and nurture these ideas? Or spot them early?

In an Indian context, there are already thousands of things designed through various practices and rituals. How can one leverage them in simplifying design for Indians?