TNT 1799: Red Queen Situation

Jun 28, 2017, 10:23 PM

ProPublica posted a story that illustrates the challenges for Facebook's censors. Internal documents show a number of guidelines Facebook censors must follow to determine the difference between political expression and hate speech, showing in some cases that Facebook is more likely to side with elites and governments over activists and minorities because it's good for international business. Google News got a much-needed design refresh with a cards-based layout, and a focus on fact checking with a fact-check widget on the right side of the homepage that lists sources like PolitiFact and Snopes to help debunk some of the more recent items of misinformation making the rounds. Qualcomm is showing off its new fingerprint sensors that work through ultrasonic technology capable of detecting fingerprints, bloodflow, and heart rate through the display panel and even through metal. Plus, Target Restock is treading on Amazon's turf, Apple wants its Music subscribers to Chill, IBM's Chef Watson is cooking up something good, and Iain Thomson from The Register joins KTLA's Rich DeMuro and me to take a closer look at the Petya ransomware attack.

Hosts: Jason Howell and Rich DeMuro

Guest: Iain Thomson

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