Episode 49: 1-on-1 with Jayson Tatum, Free agent talk with Steve Kyler

Jun 29, 2017, 10:39 PM

Listen to the exclusive interview A. Sherrod Blakely has with Jayson Tatum about being drafted by the Boston Celtics, and what is looking forward to most this summer. Kyle Draper and A. Sherrod Blakely also talk with Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders to discuss the latest rumors regarding where big name free agents may land this summer.

3:00 When will Gordon Hayward and Paul George make their decision?

9:16 Tony Jones from the Salt Lake City Tribune on why Brad Stevens will not be a major part of where Gordon Hayward wants to go.

14:00 Welcome in Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders

14:47 Will there be a lull in moves this offseason, when will big signings happen?

16:00 Which NBA teams will chose to go all in this offseason?

18:00 Would renting Paul George for a year make sense for Celtics?

20:30 How would a possible ‘Big 4’ on the Celtics work together, would players be able to change into complimentary players?

23:00 Predict what actually happens with Gordon Hayward

31:00 Will Clippers chose to make Blake Griffin the face of the franchise?

35:50 Interview with Jayson Tatum

36:00 How excited is Jayson to get in and practice and compete during Summer League

38:00 Which Celtics players has Tatum spoken to, and what impressions he has from his teammates

42:00 Growing up and being raised by a single Mom, how it impacted him as a person