Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 45: Top 10 wrestlers that should be in the WWE!

Jul 03, 2017, 04:01 AM

Ryback vs the Apple. Well wishes for Matt Cappotelli. Why was Ziggler called up to the main roster? Pat Buck’s disturbing encounter. How is Pat a lot like the Game? “Oh the baby’s good!” Creepy Ryback. Advice from Scott Hall. Pat Buck will make his Impact Wrestling Live Event Debut this Summer! The New Bodydonnas. Pat and the fake bum. The Two Sweeter Heaters! Halfback, Fullback, Ryback! Ryback’s Al Bundy Moment. G.LO.W. Talk. Who is the Godfather of Podcasts? Who doesn’t like G.L.O.W.? What makes women different than men? Male creeper fans! Pat’s women’s promotion. B.L.O.W. Who should be put in charge of B.L.O.W.? How did Raw and SmackDown mirror G.L.O.W.? Why is Ryback disappointed in James Ellsworth? The Miz TV Segment on Raw. Daniel Bryan’s SmackDown Pop! Some Wrestle-Circus Talk. Tipping Ryback for three splashes. Holding dates of Smart Mark Promotions. What was Ryback’s first AOL name? Scott Steiner talks about the WWE HOF. How many women did Scott Steiner sleep with? The walking ball of water. Ryback reference in Ride Along. Brooklyn Brawler breaking Apples. Hot for Dan. What’s more fake than wrestling? The Corey Graves Story. Why am I so hungry right now? The Pat Buck Drunken Episode. BORING! Two failures of Wrestlers. F*CKING MARK! Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Ryback isn’t a psychic mind reader. And your MAIN EVENT of the evening: Top 10 wrestlers that should be in the WWE. All this and more!!!

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