INTRODUCTION: What is We Are Recovery Radio? -- @z1radio @rustyrockets

Jul 04, 2017, 02:47 PM

On Tuesday 4th July Russell Brand will be joining Zone 1 Radio to present We Are Recovery Radio - a series of shows on recovery and addiction.

Each week Russell talks to addicts about their (and his) stories of recovery and addiction. The show is followed by a live phone-in with trained counsellors.

We Are Recovery Radio is very much Russell's brainchild, but in order to make it a reality he has enlisted the help of top professionals from both the worlds of counselling and of radio production.

Those professionals are co-founder of KISS FM Tosca Jackson, addiction counsellors Mark Dempster, Trevor Morley and Chip Somers.

In this show Tosca lays out the We Are Recovery Radio stall, leading Chip, Trevor and Mark in a discussion about what recovery means to them and what they are hoping to achieve with We Are Recovery Radio.