Episode 290-Kings Offer Porter Max and NBA Free Agency

Jul 03, 2017, 05:24 PM

Morgan and Deuce kick off the podcast talking about the Kings offering Otto Porter a max-deal (1:20), they wonder if Washington would match an offer based on Wall's comments about Porter (3:22), if Porter is worth a max-deal and what they like and dislike about him (5:14), how the Kings have managed their cap space (16:00), how much Scott Perry has helped the Kings front office and losing out on Iguodala (20:20), if they would rather have Simmons or Porter (21:05), the Kings interest in Vince Carter and why they would like the addition (24:50) and what they would like about Zach Randolph with the Kings (27:10), they discuss adding bad contracts (32:00). They look around the rest of the league including Paul George landing in OKC (34:30), Denver adding Millsap (38:40), Blake getting max-money to stay in LA (40:10), Utah's moves and why it makes sense for Hayward to go to the East (43:40), Deuce is obsessed with Minnesota (45:10), Jrue Holiday gets big money in New Orleans (48:10), the Warriors re-sign all of their guys and why LeBron says Steph deserves $400 million (49:20), if the Sixers are now a playoff team (53:40), what the Raptors are trying to do (57:50) and what Boston is trying to do (1:01:20).