We Are Recovery Radio with Russell Brand :: Episode 1 :: @z1radio @rustyrockets


Russell Brand presents the first in a new series of We Are Recovery Radio special shows on Zone 1 Radio.

In this, the first show, Russell (13 years clean) talks to his guests Mark (20 years clean), Trevor (14 years clean) and Anna (95 days clean) about their stories of addiction, dependency and recovery.

The show will be followed by a phone-in where Russell and a trained therapist will talk to listeners about their own experiences.


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Jul 04, 06:50 PM
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<user-5002412> - 2 months ago

Hi Russell and guests
I came across this via your twitter page. I have children from a prolific heroin user, and my last relationship was with a long term addict also ( don't ask!). As you can imagine the relationships have both failed and were extremely hard to understand and consequently leave as a none user. This is so insightful to what is going on in their heads and resonates on so many levels. It's not only essential listening for addicts but for the partners and families too.
Brilliant work Kate

<user-4992826> - 3 months ago

Thanks for doing this Russell. A truly amazing show.