Episode 18: America's Party, Wooden Screws, and Milk was a Bad Choice

Jul 05, 07:31 PM

WARNING: 'This podcast contains strong language and mature content.' On this episode of the Glass Case of Emotion, Ryan Blaney and Kim Coon talk about their wild 4th of July celebrations, where milk comes from, and why Ryan may be buying a box of wooden screws.

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<user-5004355> - 4 months ago

This is awesome! You all should have Chase on so he can explain the wooden screw comment.


horvathbw - 4 months ago

Sweating like a mofo!!!

<user-4994734> - 4 months ago

s.p.a.m.= Something Posed As Meat

<user-4981594> - 4 months ago

Can't believe nobody chimed in with a "wooden McDowells" joke when talking about Chase Elliott and the Amish! :D


Dawn212477 - 5 months ago

Hahahhaha, this is great guys. Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July holiday