Luke Matthews, Head of Content at Goal Studios

Jul 06, 2017, 11:00 AM

Luke is Head of Content at Goal Studios, an arm of and part of Perform Group. An organisation he's been part of since leaving University and joining

His path into journalism started during his degree at Portsmouth University, a place he chose more on it's position next to the sea and the reception their club had given Thierry Henry one year after he scored a hattrick at Fratton Park against them.

During his time there he became interested in Croatian football, and more specifically the hooligan element and its effect on the political turmoil at the time. We spoke for a good section near the start as it's a fascinating route in and also topic in itself.

Since then he's been sub-editor and moved into more of the commercial side, becoming Commercial Social Media lead back in 2013.

It's a fascinating chat where we explore the wider topic of journalism in this digital age and the shifts that organisations such as Perform have had to make. As they explore new areas such as working directly with brands, which is what Goal Studios does, and also diversify as advertising incomes become harder to maintain.

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