Episode 293-Vegas Edition: Jason Ross, Vinsanity and Summer League

Jul 07, 2017, 06:17 PM

Deuce, Morgan and Jason Ross do the podcast from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for NBA Summer League. They discussed the Kings adding Vince Carter and what he can bring to the team (2:10), why Jason loves the addition of Zach Randolph (6:05), how George Hill will fit for the Kings and why he can help the team (9:00), what they think of the Kings offseason (15:50), how the team balances the veterans and the young guys (19:10), why Deuce is excited about where the team could be headed (21:10), Rudy Gay landing in San Antonio (24:20), if they're OK with the Kings not getting Otto Porter (28:50), how some teams have used their cap space (33:05), the changes the Celtics had to make (35:10), they discuss what they're looking forward to with summer league (36:40) and they close with the Friday Mailbag (42:15).