Episode #327: Center Of The Ring

Jul 10, 2017, 09:09 PM

  • Slug Club member Cullen joins the show
  • We discuss the latest Fantastic Beasts filming news
  • We're headed to the circus!
  • Circus Arcanus: Museum of Human Oddities will play a key role in Fantastic Beasts 2
  • Our thoughts on the film taking place in NYC, Paris and London
  • How will Grindelwald break out of prison? Who will aid in his escape?
  • Will he hide out with the circus before it departs for Europe? Will he rally the circus wizards to his cause? Could he attack the circus since it's a public event?
  • Why is Albus Dumbledore joining this fight so early? It's still roughly 20 years before he "defeats" him.
  • Who are these new characters: Grimmson, Yusuf Kama, Skender?
  • Theseus is confirmed with Credence, Leta and Abernathy returning! Abernathy?!? Really?
  • Is there a connection between Newt and Grindelwald much like Harry and Voldemort?
  • Will J.K. Rowling reveal big news in her upcoming interview with CNN?
  • Make The Connection
  • We'll be at MuggleNet Live this September in Orlando!