PRC steel-dumping & What is to be done? @alantonelson @gordongchang



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PRC steel-dumping & What is to be done? @alantonelson @gordongchang

“WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump pledged during the campaign to help U.S. factory workers by slapping tariffs on foreign steel. But his long-awaited decision on the issue is running behind schedule, and administration officials are leaving plenty of wiggle room on what direction he'll take.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross initially hoped to finish a report on tariffs last month, but his department has been holding off as the Pentagon weighs in about impact of steel tariffs on national security. The delay is an example of the difficulty Mr. Trump faces in delivering on his ambitious policy agenda -- on taxes, health insurance and more -- as quickly as he told voters he could.

White House officials have hinted that tariffs still are coming. Asked on "Fox News Sunday" over the weekend if the president planned to impose sanctions on foreign steel, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus responded: "My guess is that he will because he promised he would."…”

Jul 13, 04:05 AM
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The Global Glut will still benefit USA even after Embargo.
Embargo will also greatly benefit USA.
Therefore Global Glut and Embargo a win-win for USA.