Episode 296-Bogdan Arrives and Scott Perry to the Knicks?

Jul 13, 2017, 09:02 PM

Deuce and Mo start the show with the Woj bomb that Kings executive VP Scott Perry may be headed to the Knicks as their new GM (00:52), why the Kings would really miss Perry (3:15), why Deuce is all over the Bogdan bandwagon but doesn't like that people say he looks like him (4:00), how he'll fit in with this roster (8:15), Big Papa tries to send a message to the haters (10:50), the Pelicans trying to reunite Rondo with Boogie (13:45), if Simmons will decide to leave the Spurs (17:00), Lonzo's monster night and why Deuce wasn't totally impressed (19:50), if they watched the ESPYs (26:40), Mark Cuban admits to passing on The Greek Freak (28:05), Adam Silver's thoughts on a Top 16 playoffs (30:25), if the Raiders could get Calvin Johnson (32:35), the NFL head coach who admitted to drinking paint (33:20) and the 2nd McGregor-Mayweather tour (36:21).