Into The Dark Ep. 14: The Occult Practices of Thailand (Feat. Callum Hutchings) , Occult Tattoos, and the St. Louis Arch

Jul 14, 2017, 03:46 PM

Into the Dark talks to Callum Hutchings about the occult practices of Thailand, which include occult tattoos, amulets, dead children, and much much more. Occult tattoos are discussed more generally. A listener question about the St. Louis Arch (Is it a Stargate?) is also addressed.

Learn more about the occult practices of Thailand at:

Also check out Callum's article on Kuman Thong (Golden Child) at

You can find Callum on facebook. As always, send questions about the occult and witchcraft to or to me directly at @CooperWilhelm on twitter.

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