Episode 297-Kings Lose Scott Perry, Sandoval Out of Boston and Friday Mailbag

Jul 14, 2017, 09:24 PM

Deuce and Mo start with the official news that Kings Exec VP of basketball operations Scott Perry is leaving for the Knicks GM job (1:50), how he helped the Kings during his 3 months (2:20), Perry's tough job in New York (6:46), why the Kings allowed the Knicks to interview him (7:30), if the Kings could've promoted him (10:00), and if they could've given him a raise to stay (10:40). They talked about how the Pacers tried to send Paul George to the Warriors (13:00), Deuce presents a special edition of Know Your Basketball, Kids about this significant day in NBA history (16:20), Morgan doesn't get how Deuce was excited about Dennis Smith's dunk ATTEMPT (20:55), the chat room makes fun of Deuce's shirt (25:00), the Red Sox get rid of Pablo Sandoval and they wonder why it all fell apart for him (25:35), Deuce explains how Pablo can turn around his career (28:30), if any of the Giants players are untouchable (32:50) and they finish with some creative emails in the Friday Mailbag (37:00).