One year ago: Pre-ISIS-crime to the rescue. @deftechpat



(Photo: English: Cover of Worlds of Tomorrow, October 1963

Date 1963


Author Galaxy Publishing / Virgil Finlay‬)

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One year ago: Pre-ISIS-crime to the rescue. @deftechpat

“…Predata officials also say Wikipedia edits can help predict unrest. A flurry of attempted edits to the page of a particular controversial figure or surrounding a particular incident suggest contention that may spill over into the physical world.

“Things like point of view are not allowed on Wikipedia, and so someone monitoring will come in and say, ‘No, not allowed,’” Crino said. “That will keep going back and forth. Often, the person that’s editing the page will be trying to create what they think is the new normal.”

“In the months before November’s #Paris#attacks, the French-language ISIS Wikipedia page saw particularly heavy changes. That signal, plus others, led the Predata system to raise its prediction for a terror attack in France several times in the six weeks leading up to the November terror attacks said Joshua Haecker, Predata’s director of business development….”

Jul 17, 02:09 AM
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