Current Affairs: Encrypt law

Jul 17, 2017, 02:20 AM

The Federal Government has announced plans to force overseas technology companies to unlock encrypted messages.   Saying it will do everything in its power to keep Australians safe, the government says it will introduce laws so communications between terrorists, paedophiles and organised crime gangs can be intercepted.   Chowai Cheung reports.  (聯邦政府宣布有意強制海外科技公司將加密信息解碼,並且說,會盡一切努力,確保澳州人的安全,政府亦會引入法例,讓有關方面可以截聽恐怖分子、戀童癖者和有組織犯罪團伙之間的溝通,請聽張楚慧報導。)