Episode 23 : Who is Bo Dukes?

Jul 18, 12:15 AM

Exploring the details of Bo Dukes' mysterious conversation with a stranger.

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<user-5001358> - 4 months ago

No psychologist in the USA would do what thiIs Australian Dr Sally Thomasen did. It would be unethical to comment or give opinions on anyone that isn't a client and one who has been under your care for some time. It would not be worth spit and this isn't. I hope this Dr Sally Thomasen is sanctioned and her license questioned because it should be. She contacted Payne Lindsey! Real psychologists with ethics do not go on public record making inferences snd jumping to conclusions. Payne does not have any experience and does not know what happened to Tara.

<user-5000870> - 4 months ago

Honestly, I'm not 100% sure that Bo didnt do it and pin it on Ryan. Ryan just doesnt seem like he could do something like this.

<user-5000687> - 4 months ago

Cheers, Dan. (kept telling me my comments were too long, sorry)

<user-5000687> - 4 months ago

2. He said that Ryan told him he didn't use gloves. Someone tells you that they committed a murder, and especially a murder with their hands, it's a pretty reasonable question for anyone to ask "well did you wear gloves?", regardless of whether "the glove" was public knowledge or not.

<user-5000687> - 4 months ago

1. He said he's into serial killer movies "like" Zodiac and Seven, so could possibly just be rattling off the serial killer movies that he's familiar with or that he likes instead of explaining exactly the movies that Ryan had supposedly told him about, or even just second-hand information, or something he'd seen on facebook, etc.

<user-5000687> - 4 months ago

Hey Payne, Absolutely 100% obsessed with this podcast, love it to bits. Just wanted to add my two cents on the last two points you made about Bo Duke's comments: