Episode 133 - Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum)

Jul 20, 04:06 PM

THIS WEEK WE HAVE DAVE PIRNER!!! Damian sits down for a quick chat with a true Minneapolis Punk Pioneer. From his beginnings drumming in Loud Fast Rules, to the huge success of Soul Asylum in the 90's, lots of ground is covered here in a very short amount of time.

Also Touched On...

Hearing The Ramones For The First Time

Watching Bands At The Walker Art Center

Loring Park - Band & A Movie

The Suburbs

The Suicide Commandos & Chris Osgood

Seeing Husker Du For The First Time

Getting Beat Up For A Gabba Gabba Hey Pin By The Hockey Team

Husker Veggies & Moshing

Otto's Chemical Lounge

The Business Of Independent Music

Touring In The 90's

Mike Watt Is An Example To Us All

& Much More!!!!


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