Episode 301-Kings Radio Voice Gary Gerould

Jul 21, 2017, 07:00 AM

Deuce and Mo catch up with the legendary play-by-play voice of the Kings, Gary Gerould to talk about the Kings and his long career (00:20), how he enjoyed summer league and what he thought of some of the young players (1:40), why Kings fans should be excited but temper expectations (3:40), the addition of the veterans (5:45), he knew from an early age that he wanted to be a broadcaster (7:10), where he got his work ethic (9:10), how Doug Christie took a lot from the G-Man (10:10), how he developed his love for basketball (10:50), his favorite part about calling games and being around a team (12:55), how he landed the Kings job in 1985 (15:10), why he feels so fortunate (20:20), how he came up with "He's got the bucket!" (22:30), what the original ARCO was like (24:00), games that stick out to him over his 33-years with the team (26:30), the fun and challenge that came with calling games during the great years (30:25), what made those teams so special (31:30) and what keeps him going (33:35). Deuce and Mo close the show with the Friday mailbag including OJ Simpson, Pablo Sandoval, Shane McMahon and Linkin Park (37:00).