Wappel's "Misunderstanding" Reminds Us of Others

Jul 21, 2017, 04:12 PM

A week ago, Wappel sent our show into a spiral after completely misunderstanding a bit we did on the air while he was on vacation.

He never saw or heard what we did, first hand. He heard the wrong information through a friend. And, instead of calling us to ask about it directly, he took his friend's word for it, cussing us out via text, and not responding to any calls or texts.

Now, in the end, Wappel realized his mistake and apologized. But that didn't stop us from putting him out on a bridge anyway. The misunderstanding made us think of two more episodes that got way out of control. One involving former Twins catcher AJ Pierzynski, and one involving Stephane Veilleux.