Settlement Guide: Fostering a child in Australia

Jul 22, 2017, 01:16 AM

There is a growing need for families to give foster children loving and safe homes. Welcoming a child from your cultural or linguistic community into your home also brings many benefits. And carers from culturally diverse backgrounds are also in high demand. So, how to become a foster carer? Winmas Yu finds out more.(越來越多兒童需要接受寄養服務,給予他們一個安全和富有家庭溫暖的地方。事實上,兒童若能在一個相同文化及語言背景的寄養家庭生活,更為重要。成為寄養人士需要什麼條件及手續?余睿章於今集【澳洲定居指南】,為大家講解。)