Settlement Guide: Fostering a child in Australia

Jul 24, 2017, 12:00 AM

There's a growing need for families to give foster children loving and safe homes. Welcoming a child from your cultural or linguistic community into your home also brings many benefits.And carers from culturally diverse backgrounds are also in high demand. So, how to become a foster carer?  (越来越多的家庭希望能给需要寄养的孩子提供爱和安全的港湾。欢迎一个来自你的文化或语言社区的孩子进入你的家庭,也会带来很多好处。而且人们对于来自不同文化背景的领养家庭也有很高的需求。所以,该如何成为一名领养者,请听本台记者陈艺舒的详细介绍。)