Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 48: The Lying Sexist Ryback Presents Mean Tweets!

Jul 24, 2017, 04:39 AM

The Juice is Loose! The biggest heel on the internet! 5,000 people don’t like Ryback…on twitter. People would rather be offended than find out the truth. What is Lauren’s weakness? The undercurrent of Ryback support thanks to Twitter! The Rybackers! What is the status of Mark 4 Life? The WrestlePro Monsoon! What is slowly ruining Pat’s life? The Porta Potty Guy! Rodeo Floor Wrestling Ring. The $2,000 rope change! Airport Hangers and Garden Hoses. Ryback’s weekend update. Nanas in the crowd! Ryback has a new family member. Myspace and Tout! Ryback Vs. S’s and R’s. Ryback really likes to play with himself. Some Dana Warrior/Ryback talk. What we do is fake fight in our underwear. No one hates wrestling as much as wrestling fans. Here comes the ONE WARRIOR NATION! Pat’s documentary idea. The Bully Ryback Shower Scene. Pat dreams of being bullied by Ryback in the shower. HEADLINE RYBACK IS AN F’N IDIOT CLICK BAIT! Being FAKE OFFENDED. Yummy Gummy Bears. Wrestling News. Shane McMahon’s Helicopter Accident. Ryback was supposed to be Kurt Angle’s new son. Ryback makes Pat Angry. Women can have quotes too? Pat’s always been a big spray butter guy. Mean Tweets! It’s a Hard Mark Life!
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