Danielle Driscoll, 2017 LiFE Award winner - Workplace

Jul 30, 2017, 12:04 AM

Danielle Driscoll has been the pivotal driver behind TAFESA's delivery of the LivingWorks ASIST, Suicide First Aid training. Since being trained as a trainer of Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training in May 2015, Danielle has delivered 15 Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training sessions. This equates to over 300 people with their Suicide First Aid Certificate, 200 of those in 2016 alone. The ripple effect of the people trained shows that on average 35 lives per trained person will be prevented from being affected by suicide. There is upwards of 9,000 people living suicide safer lives due to Danielle's skills. She is strongly advocating within TAFE SA to provide ASIST training to all staff, improving their ability to support their students and communities. She believes education is the ideal space to nurture intervention and prevention skills for young people and their families and their workers. Danielle also works with people outside of her paid role within TAFESA to ensure the message of suicide prevention is top of mind in communities and that everyday families act safely. Danielle insisted on the inclusion of suicide prevention skills in the TAFE SA qualifications including youth work, juvenile justice, mental health, sport and recreation and community services. She has streamlined ASIST and trauma informed intervention training so that students who are in training to be new and emerging workers in frontline services can be better prepared for the work roles with specialised suicide skills training. She has done this across TAFE campuses across SA. Danielle's perspective is to have all communities feeling confident and provided with culturally sensitive training to prevent suicides. She has been mentored by and works closely with human rights advocate and traditional elder Mr Tauto Sansbury. She has a background in health and through this she has experience working with wider Adelaide Aboriginal community to ensure the utmost respect and cultural competence is demonstrated in all delivery. She modifies and adapts training for people from all walks of life to feel empowered to intervene.
She has worked with young people interfacing with the juvenile justice system for 25 years and talking to them and their families about suicide and its prevention. Danielle feels very strongly that young people in the juvenile justice and child protection system are specifically vulnerable and in crisis and in particular the children of traditional communities. Preparing good workers to work with children and young people is an absolute priority for her.
Danielle's firm belief in access to education and suicide prevention drives her passion for delivery of the training and integrates the training into her own community, being a pillar of strength to the young people around her to prevent suicide from occurring within her own family. One referee mentioned that they had personally witnessed Danielle in over 25 interventions since 2014. In her career over 25 years working with young people at risk, that number rises to hundreds. #ManyVoicesOneGoal #suicideprevention