Tow Down Interview PT1-All For The Culture Show Episode 1

Jul 30, 2017, 07:46 AM

In Part 1, Tow Down talks about his early life as a kid, and a teenager growing up, finding hip hop, how and why he started rapping, not using the N word in his personal life or in Tow Downs music, meeting Big Pokey and HAWK, being introduced to DJ Screw, Tow Down shares the craziest DJ Screw story, the fact that DJ Screws house had only record crates everywhere no place to sit down and recording with Flava Flav, obtaining a deal, to building his famous studio "The Den", the fact that Beyonce and Li Wayne recorded there, artist stealing Houston culture, where the double cup REALLY comes from and why its used. Tow Down briefly talks about him and his brother Bernard Theroit's marijuana grow and selling operation, him being a "Houston drug kingpin, his arrest, and his 5 year federal sentence. Tow Down does go into much deeper detail, and gets into all of that in Part 2, plus much more be sure to check it out.... Watch the interview on also! IG- @allforthecultureshow IG/Twitter/Snapchat-HipHopHandicap Check out the website to see the interviews and purchase our All For The Culture Logo TShirts\ #allfortheculture #allforthecultureshow #allfortheculturepodcast #rappodcast #hiphoppodcast #hihopmusic #hiphopculture #podcast #towdown #hiphop #rap #houston #texas #screwmusic #rapculture #beyonce #lilwayne #music