-Tow Down Interview PT 2 All For The Culture Show Episode 1

Jul 30, 2017, 07:50 AM

In this part 2 of our debut episode original SUC member, Tow Down speaks on his music, his rise in the drug game, and how he progressed from dime bags to 21 grow houses, and making 10 mill dollars a year. He also got into how he was arrested 3 times and couldn't stop after the first arrest all the way to being brought down by the Feds, because of his ex fiancé, and informants. He also spoke on the effect that the trial and the thought of spending 40 years behind bars had on his health and his mental well being. He also speak about telling his mother and the guilt of feeling like he dragged his brother to prison with him. Tow Down also gets in to the Federal Prison experience in Texas as a white guy, new houston music, potential record deals for him, and future music and investments he has coming. This is a classic first episode, you've never heard on like it! Watch the interview on also! www.Youtube.com/Allforthecultureshow IG- @allforthecultureshow IG/Twitter/Snapchat-HipHopHandicap Check out the website to see the interviews and purchase our All For The Culture Logo TShirts www.all4theculture.com #allfortheculture #allforthecultureshow #allfortheculturepodcast #rappodcast #hiphoppodcast #rapmusic #rapculture #hiphop #hiphopmusic #hiphopculture #whiterappers #marijuana #drugkingpin #houston