ZackTV Interview-All For The Culture Show Episode 5

Jul 30, 2017, 09:38 AM

All For The Culture Show Episode 5-ZackTV Interview We got the pleasure to sit down and chat with interviewer ZackTV, ZackTV is youtube interviewer who goes to some of the most dangerous in hoods in Chicago and America to interview rappers and artist. We sat down and got to chat about how he started interviewing and making videos, growing up and life in Chicago, what made Chicago so bad and violent, is it more overrated then what people think, and Zack attended college. He also spoke on his legendary interview with LA Capone (RIP) and Rondo Numba Nine (Free Rondo) and his phone call interview with Rondo and Cdai in Jail, his belief of the reason why Rondo did not want to say whether Tay600 snitched, the Tay600 snitching allegations, his most scariest dangerous interview, drama that has occurred during interviews, and Momma Capone calls in ! plus much more Check it out!!!

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