Talkback - Will you implant a microchip into your body for convenience?

Aug 01, 2017, 02:24 AM

A company in Wisconsin, USA, provides microchips for employees and will embed the microchip into the employees, so that they could enter the company and log in to the computer, and to buy food.   At least 50 people have volunteered to participate in the program. So in today's Talkback, we would like to ask if you would like to implant a microchip into your body?(美國威斯康辛州一間公司為員工提供微型晶片,並將晶片植入員工的大拇指及食指中間,方便員工進入公司及登入電腦,同時亦可以用來購買食物。其中經已有至少五十人表示自願參與計劃。所以在今天的【大眾論壇】, 我們想問問大家會否願意把晶片植入體內呢?)