Specialist travel and audio-described circus

What's the best approach when it comes to holidays for blind and partially sighted people? TravelEyes is a company which takes both blind and sighted people on holiday - the visually impaired traveller pays full price, and the fully-sighted person pays up to 50% of the full cost and agrees to guide and describe the attractions for the visually impaired travellers. But what if you have an additional need like a hearing impairment? The travel company says that in some cases, customers who have an additional need will have to take someone along as a carer. Peter White speaks to the company's founder Amar Latif about this policy.

Circus Starr provides children who wouldn't normally have the opportunity to experience the circus a chance to do so... and they've audio described the experience for young audience members. We find out from a professional audio describer how narrating a performance for children differs from adults.

Presenter: Peter White

Producer: Lee Kumutat.

Aug 01, 08:00 PM
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