Rock The Schools 100 Episodes . . . It’s A Wrap

Aug 02, 2017, 02:58 PM

Rock The Schools wraps up 100 episodes of education empowerment for parents, students and educators. Thank you to host Chris Stewart, who believes "all children are born with unsurpassable worth granted to them by God" and ended every show with that message. Chris is the Rock in Rock The Schools in standing up for parents and students. Hear Rock The Schools Executive Producer, Monique Linder take you through a wrap up of brilliant soundbites from the most listened to episodes. Thank you to the education experts that took the time to share their knowledge and guidance on how to navigate an extremely complicated education system in America. There is no magic solution to solving the education crisis in America. "RTS Season Two," under development will continue under that same belief and commitment to our youth. Thank you for listening to Rock The Schools.