Bob Tait, Head of Digital & Marketing Development at Middlesbrough FC

Aug 03, 2017, 02:04 PM

Ahead of the football season kicking off, I caught up with championship side Middlesbrough FC's Bob Tait to talk all things football and digital.

In a very open and candid chat we spoke about how he came about being in football, firstly with Sunderland as he landed a maternity cover role as Head of Digital before ending up at Middlesbrough, via the English Football League where he was Head of Audience & Content.

We not only talk about football but delve into mental health and his own battle with depression. Something he come out the other side from stronger and a more successful person in his life and career. We also touch upon the issues surrounding the topic within pro sport and if more could be done to support athletes/players.

He reveals his thoughts on virtual reality (and how it not ready for their own audience yet), the spate of 'entertaining' player transfer videos and the role clubs play in a media landscape that contains mainstream media, fan channels, social media influencers and many others.

You can catch Bob on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter (@bigbobtait).

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