Radio_Program Together for Humanity_Episode 144

Aug 06, 2017, 06:14 AM

The National Reconstruction Authority of Nepal has fixed a deadline to rebuild houses with the government grant. According to the decision, the grant recipients have to build the houses by June-July 2018. The Authority made the decision after finding that many quake survivors spent the grant for other purposes than reconstructing their houses. Total 747,495 families had been qualified to relieve the grant being distributed in three tranches. But, not everyone has received the grant. So far only, 631,082 families have signed agreements with the NRA to build houses. Only around 2,797 houses have been completely constructed. According to the NRA records, 603,053 families received the first tranche. The numbers of families receiving the second and third tranches are 55,754 and 2,724 respectively. In a bid to smoothly release the budget, the NRA has also fixed deadlines for receiving the grant segments. Accordingly, the first, second and final tranches should be received by mid-November 2017, mid-January 2018 and mid-July 2018 respectively.