Conversation with the Big Guy Ep. 50!!! Fitness Tips!

Aug 07, 2017, 04:35 AM

HAPPY 50TH Podcast! How will the boys celebrate??? Why did Ryback lose a fan? How’s retirement? Taking notes on the Song of the week!? The Rybuckers!! The Big Guy headed to the land down under! Fake Naitch Returns! Paul Lee in WCW! Ryback wants another PN News! Yo Baby Yo Baby Yo. Remember Mabel. Mean Tweet Regrets and Apologizes from a fan. CWTBG purpose, Helping People or getting on the dirt sheets? 75 lbs weight loss! Thank you for talking about the Pickles. There’s other SH*T to talk about too! Tag Team Gauntlet Match Annoyances. Checked out Crowds. Teaching a class on Gauntlet matches. What’s the ideal length for a house show. Absurdly long heat! The disappointing left sided Meat Hook. Ryback does tour dressed as Karate Guy. Pat Buck and Side Deals. Our GOD Ryback!!! The Anti Cussing Alcohol Creator??? 3.1% females!!! Big Guy Botches IG Sexy Photo! What’s Pat Drinkn? Just let your hair down man. Rusev looks terrific. Wrestling and UFC Talk. Could WWE ever be for sale? Stories are what sells. Can Ryback lose 100 lbs? Terry Funk is returning to the ring!!! Enzo GET OFF THE BUS. Pat’s brother joins the school! John Cena’s NASTY BUMP. TIPS OF THE WEEK!!! All this and much more!!!
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