As Kenya goes to the polls a damaging trade dispute with Tanzania escalates

Aug 07, 2017, 12:35 PM

There's a surprise element as Kenya's elections loom. It is a young country with half the registered voters under the age of 35. They could make a big difference in a political landscape which mainly relies on tribal voting blocks. The BBC's Alan Kasujja has been talking to young people on the streets of Nairobi on the eve of the election, and finding that perhaps getting them to vote at all could be the main challenge.

Meanwhile a damaging trade dispute has led to Kenyan exports to Tanzania dropping significantly…as our reporter in Nairobi, Michael Kaloki explains.

One of the worst droughts in decades is affecting Somaliland - killing around eighty per cent of the country's livestock. But there IS a glimmer light on the horizon for those farmers and businesses affected. There's no formal banking system but payments are being made pretty efficiently... electronically. Overseas workers used to send part of their pay-cheque home but now it can all be done by mobile phone. And it makes the self declared state of Somaliland an almost cashless society. We find out more.

(Picture credit: DANIEL HAYDUK/AFP/Getty Images)