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Aug 08, 2017, 03:29 PM

Max Kirsten presents Episode 6 of Recovery Radio - a show about addiction and recovery on Zone 1 Radio.

This week Max talks to his guest Julian Keeling about the challenges of coming back to recovery after a relapse.

Their story starts in London in the early 80s, when heroin was cheaper than to buy than hash and ubiquitous from West London dinner parties to so-called "elevensies" in the toilets at Lloyds of London.

Both Max and Julian met in recovery at an early age and then both went off the rails for a decade.

Here, they share the difficulties of returning to recovery after a period in the wilderness, particularly the fact that it's never quite as easy the second time around.

But ultimately Max and Julian agree that if there is anything to be salvaged from their relapses, it's that it puts them in a position to be able to help other relapsed addicts return to the recovery fold.