Chinese Students' Self Censorship-Merriden Varral Interview

Aug 09, 2017, 10:44 AM

Merriden Varrall is Director, East Asia Program at the Lowy Institute. In her article published by New York Times -A Chinese threat to Australian openness, she brought up an issue regarding Chinese students self-censorship when they study in Australia. She thought this kind of self-censorship was a reflection of Patriotism, which might develop into nationalism.(纽约时报近日的一篇评论员文章再次引发对中国言论管控的关注。该评论指出,有报道认为中国在海外留学生群体受到了中国政府的控制,留学生自我审查并监督与汇报他人"不忠诚"于祖国的言行。评论员Merriden Varrall接受采访时表示,中国留学生的的自我审查行为,是自发的行为,也是爱国主义情操的体现。)