Season 1 Episode 5: Closure (The Millbrook Twins)

Jul 31, 2017, 10:00 AM

This is the last "regular" episode of the season, but not the last we'll be releasing on the Millbrook case. In the following weeks, several special episodes will be coming up, and we are in plans for a mini-season and second full-length season focused on other Georgia cases, so stay subscribed! In Episode 5: Closure, we catch you up on all of the various threads of action--our experience with NCMEC, with the Aiken Doe, with the leads we developed, and where we stand today. Next week, look out for a special longform interview with the twins' sister, Shanta Sturgis. We're currently collecting questions for a second QnA episode; those can be submitted on Facebook, via our gmail at, or via our voicemail number, (404) 590-2975. Produced and mastered by Encompass Podcast Studio. Music by RJR.