Season 1 Episode 4: Damages (The Millbrook Twins)

Jul 24, 2017, 10:30 AM

In Episode 4: Damages, we reflect on the different kinds of trauma caused the loss of a child—or in this case, children—especially when the family has no sense of closure. More details regarding the Aiken Doe are covered, as is one host’s meeting with Augusta DA Natalie Paine and the outcomes of that meeting. Mixed and mastered by Tom Young of Funk Bungalow. Stay tuned for for further developments by staying subscribed, following us on twitter @falllinepodcast, checking out the FB page, calling the voiceline at (404) 590-2975 or emailing us at Support the show on Patreon at

Music by RJR.

Mixed and mastered by Encompass Podcast Studio