Amar Singh, Head of Content at West Ham United

Aug 10, 2017, 11:00 AM

Amar has been at the top of his profession for a number of years, taking in the Evening Standard,, Squawka and now West Ham.

He joined the club in May and has been working hard on putting in place a new content strategy taking in everything from the match day programme to social media. With his experience coming into the club fans can expect to see a different approach. But he won't allow things to get too serious either.

He started out at the Ethnic Media Group at a time when the voice of his community needed to be heard. And then moving onto the Evening Standard around the time of 7/7 where he had another important role to play.

His biggest break, and bravest move, was to leave behind his senior journalist role to move to a little known start up called - pre it being owned by Perform Group - and helping shape it into the media mammoth of the game it has become.

Listen to his journey within journalism, his obvious passion for the profession and the different 'campaigns' he's worked on at the Hammers already. Including the signing of Mexico's Javier Hernandez ahead of the first game of the season at the home of one of his former teams.

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