Episode 66: Chris Auger & Dane Byers

Aug 11, 2017, 07:30 AM

Chris Auger talks Fife Flyers, cancer diagnosis, highs and lows of his life - as well as his career, and the rather tricky issue of how the heck to say his name… He’s been tested to the limit - both physically and emotionally in recent years but he’s keen to reiterate the tests have done nothing but fuel his passion for playing on the ice day in and day out. As he approaches the big ’30’ Auger pays credit to the incredible coaches and support he’s received during his career, and give an honest and open insight into what it was like receiving intense chemotherapy 5 days a week for 7 weeks. Plus just to clarify, does he love or hate Justin Bieber?

Dane Byers says he’s a “meat and potato kinda guy, the typical Sasky”… But his CV gives him far more credit than his own humble and modest description. He was drafted in the NHL second round 2004 by New York Rangers, but it took him 4 hard working years before making his top flight debut in North America. “Grit”, “hard nosed” and “an inspirational leader in the locker room” are noted as his top skills on and off the ice. In his conversation with The Forecast’s Clare Freeman, Byers discusses recent life in Germany compared with Finland, raising two boys on the road and how there’s another one due in October. In September, Byers will head back to school aged 31 (as part of the club’s education package with the University of Salford), bizarrely at the same time his oldest son starts school. It was his own brother, Cole, whom highly recommended the Elite League after playing with Hull Stingrays himself 10 years ago, back in the days Manchester Storm’s now head coach Ryan Finnerty first arrived in the UK as a player. It’s no surprise Byers has crossed paths of many a player already in the UK league. One of whom is second year Storm goaltender Mike Clemente. But the big question we’ve all been wondering, is has he ever heard of Another Level’s 90s popstar Dane Bowers?