Democrats for Trump in the Old Blue Wall of IA, WI, and PA. @danielallott @washingtonexaminer





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Democrats for Trump in the Old Blue Wall of IA, WI, and PA. @danielallott @washingtonexaminer

CRESCO, Iowa — It wasn’t long after Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic presidential nomination that Laura Hubka realized how little excitement there was for Clinton among Howard County residents. “I went out and started knocking on doors for Hillary Clinton, and making phone calls,” Hubka, who leads Howard County’s Democratic Party, said when I met with her in late June. “I got hung up on, some guy chased me out of his yard with a rake, the unions complained a lot. There was a lot of yelling at doors.”

Iowa and Howard County, with fewer than 10,000 people, had never been enamored with Clinton. Clinton came in third in the 2008 Democratic caucuses, Hubka reminded me, and won them only narrowly in 2016. In 2016, she lost the county by 8 percentage points to Bernie Sanders.

There was just something about Clinton even many Democrats here couldn’t abide. For Sandy Chilson of Lime Springs, a small town just three miles from the Minnesota border, that something became apparent during Bill Clinton’s presidency. Chilson voted for Clinton in 1992 but soon lost confidence in him. “I felt like I couldn’t trust him, and I have felt that way about Hillary ever since she started running,” she said. “I just don’t think she’s truthful.” Chilson supported Trump from the moment he got into the race.

Aug 12, 02:21 AM
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