2015: Thinking of nuclear weapons. @elbridgecolby @cnasdc




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B28FI being unloaded from a Boeing B-52H in 1984. The 3 ground crew show the size of this weapon

TSgt. Boyd Belcher, USAF - U.S. DefenseImagery [1] photo VIRIN: DF-ST-85-05150 [2]

A Mark 28 thermo-nuclear bomb is unloaded from a U.S. Air Force Boeing B-52H Stratofortress aircraft during exercise “Global Shield '84” at Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota (USA), on 1 April 1984. )




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2015: Thinking of nuclear weapons. @elbridgecolby @cnasdc

"Project Atom took a competitive strategies approach to its zero-based, “blue-sky” review of u.s. nuclear strategy and force posture. three independent think tank teams—the stimson center, the center for a new american security (cnas), and the national institute

for Public Policy (niPP)—addressed the fundamental issues:

• What should U.S. nuclear strategy be for the new era, de ned as 2025–2050?

• What U.S. nuclear posture is needed to support that strategy?

their analysis (which can be found in the appendices of this report) was uncon- strained by current strategy (e.g., reducing the role of nuclear weapons in u.s. strategy) and current policy (e.g., the prohibition against new nuclear weapons or new nuclear capabilities), but was conducted within a common framework of assumptions about the future security environment, likely technological trends, and resource constraints. after leading the development of the common analytic framework and participating in the debate among the think tank teams, i drafted a recommended nuclear strategy and posture for 2025–2050, defended it at a half-day Project Atom working group meeting, consulted with additional experts, and drafted the study report. the competitive strate- gies approach, including the use of external (to the think tank teams) experts, was ex- tremely helpful as I developed and re ned my recommended nuclear strategy and posture. although many authors contributed to the Project atom study effort (their work is included in the appendices), i am solely responsible for the views expressed in the main text of this nal report...."


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