Cover To Cover - Episode #4

Aug 18, 2017, 11:00 AM

Lee Middleton and Kim The Bookworm present Cover To Cover, the show all about books.

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Mystery, intrigue, and those moments that you just can't get out of your head. But why are psychological thrillers and murder mysteries such big business? We countdown the top 10 digital books featuring serial killers, where one author totally dominates the genre.

Bestselling author Mark Edwards joins us to talk about his work, his inspiration and why the words "from hell" mean so much to him. We also get a fascinating incite into the differences between self publishing and having a publishing deal as well as the creative process of solo author vs co-author. (

Kim Nash reviews the books from this weeks (rather large as she was on holiday) reading pile and chooses a book of the week from a very exciting debut author.

Cover To Cover Book Of The Week:

Child Taken - Darren Young

Books featured on this episode include:

Broken Bones - Angela Marsons The Surrogate - Louise Jensen The Good Sister - Jess Ryder No-one Ever Has Sex On Christmas Day - Tracy Bloom Tin Man - Sarah Winman

Special mention to Lj Ross >>

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