Talkback: Sleeplessness

Aug 17, 2017, 02:20 AM

A Deloitte Access Economics health survey shows that 39.8 per cent of Australians don't get enough sleep. cost the economy an estimated $66.3 billion in health bills, lost productivity and wellbeing. Are you one of them too? How can we sleep better? Ivan and Selina and invited Prof. Danform Lim to discusses way of avoiding sleeplessness.(德勤Access Economics公佈的一項健康調查顯示,有接近四成澳洲人承認睡眠不足。調查亦估計因為睡眠失調而對澳洲衛生系統及生產生帶來嚴重損失,因此,梁焱剛及鄺美玲請來澳華醫學會的高級副會長林奇恩醫生及聽眾朋友分享減少睡眠不足的方法。)