Episode 8: Dreams, Frustration, Redemption; JJ's Journey to the Ring

Aug 17, 2017, 12:16 PM

This week's show covers JJ's introduction to pro wrestling beginning as a fan watching Capitol Wrestling on TV. Along the way, JJ started a fan club for Johnny Valentine, traveled to regional shows, and eventually worked his way up to serving on the ring attendant crew. A snowstorm changed the course of JJ's career, opening the gates for a decades-long run as a ref, wrestler, manager, and front office executive.

JJ shares insightful stories on his interactions with the likes of The Zebra Kid, The Great Malenko, Vince McMahon Sr., Bruno Sammartino, and many others who were instrumental in the early part of his career.

BONUS MATERIAL - Listen "after" the show for bonus material with JJ discussing Ric Flair health issues, Magnum TA's battle with Disney World, and more.


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