Eclectica 125 - Atomic Blonde

Aug 17, 2017, 06:51 PM

Pinocchio Must Seek Therapy

It's a battle of the bands in Off the Shelf this week, with "The Slayer" going up against "Clash". Will the former reign in blood, or will Mohammad Diab's tale of young Egyptians fighting the law and the law winning do an, er …

… does anyone else know any good puns about The Clash? No? OK - there's more than enough classic rock and pop in our film of the week "Atomic Blonde", anyway.

There's also all the usual features, including recommendations and a Question of the Week about unfaithful adaptations. As you'd expect, it basically turns into Monty Python's Yorkshire-men sketch, with Alan Moore and Stephen King fans arguing over who's been served a worse hand by Hollywood.

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