You Need to be in the Word -

Jan 13, 2012, 12:55 AM, Modesto, CA, United States

Follow the link in the title to see/hear the complete message this "Quotable" is taken from. Jesus came into the world as a light in a dark place, and in the Great Commission He has commanded us to follow His example in our own lives. In this message, we are challenged to shine the light of His word into the world and not hide it under a basket. We consider two things: First, Jesus has called us to be the lamps that shine His truth, and Second, He calls us to shine as much of His truth as we can to as many as we can. Those who don't know Jesus in a saving way are encouraged to realize they don't yet have this light. They have nothing of the Spirit, and any truth they may have is only in their heads, not in their hearts. They are urged to receive Jesus and to begin to walk in the light of His Gospel. #Bible #GodSWord #Scripture

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